Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey by Eliminating Stubborn Fat Rolls with SculpSure®

When you hit the wall on your weight-loss journey, it’s easy to get frustrated and want to throw in the towel. Unfortunately, your genes can keep you from fitting in your jeans.

Dr. Lena Speck Hopkins established her clinic to help women in Harlingen, Texas, look and feel their best on the inside as well as out. If you’re searching for ways to eliminate those stubborn pockets of diet and exercise resistant fat once and for all, it’s time to try SculpSure.

It’s about fat elimination

SculpSure is an FDA-cleared body sculpting technology that uses specific amounts of heat to destroy your unwanted fat cells. After coming in contact with this controlled heat, your fat cells die, and your lymphatic system flushes them from your body permanently.

Dr. Speck Hopkins recommends SculpSure to remove unwanted fat from several areas of your body, including:

You can even use SculpSure Submental® to eliminate unwanted fat from underneath your chin to give you a more defined jawline.

SculpSure provides personalized and natural results

SculpSure’s advanced technology works by applying controlled laser energy to your body with their special applicators. After assembling these applicators to your specific treatment site, Dr. Speck Hopkins secures them in place like a belt. As the SculpSure technology penetrates deep into your skin to deliver heat to your fat cells, it applies Contact Cooling™ to the surface to keep you comfortable and prevent any tissue damage.

During your 25 minute treatment, SculpSure distributes its heat in a feathering motion so you’re guaranteed natural-looking results. Has a 90% patient satisfaction rate, and you can expect to lose up to 24% of fat in the area after one session. It’s most effective if you have a BMI of 30 or less, though, SculpSure Submental treatments provide results for people with the BMI up to 43.

Start SculpSure now to have results by summer

SculpSure treatments are quick and don’t require any downtime. Dr. Speck Hopkins can also address multiple problem areas of your body at one time to help you perfect your figure even faster.

After Dr. Speck Hopkins secures your SculpSure applicators into place, you may notice a mild tingling sensation in the area. These treatments are usually painless, and you can spend the 25 minutes reading, working, or just relaxing while SculpSure melts your fat away.

When your SculpSure treatment is over, it’s common to have mild stiffness, bruising, or tenderness, but this usually fades quickly. As your body begins to absorb and flush damaged fat cells from the treatment site, you’ll start to see gradual changes in the area. In most cases, you can expect to start seeing results in about six weeks with optimal benefits in three months. Depending on your fat loss goals, Dr. Speck Hopkins might recommend a series of SculpSure treatments.

SculpSure is a permanent fat loss tool, but it’s important to continue following a healthy diet and exercising regularly to maintain your results.

Don’t wait to get rid of those stubborn fat rolls, call Dr. Speck Hopkins or schedule a SculpSure consultation online today.

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