Four Wrinkle Areas TempSure® Envi Can Treat

Four Wrinkle Areas TempSure® Envi Can Treat

Wrinkles are one of the most visible signs of the aging process. And because these lines and creases tend to be more prominent on the sun-exposed areas of your skin, they have a profound effect on the look of your face.

You may not be able to stop the years from passing by, but you may be able to slow down the effects aging has on your look. 

At Speck Hopkins, MD in Harlingen, Texas, we specialize in aesthetics and women’s health. Our experienced physician, Dr. Lena Speck Hopkins, wants nothing more than for you to look as young as you feel. To support your fight against wrinkles, we use the innovative TempSure® Envi aesthetic tool.

How can TempSure Envi help you? Here, we want to share with you what wrinkles we can treat with our nonsurgical skin-tightening too: forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines, and smile lines.

1. Forehead wrinkles

Your face is a picture of your emotions. Facial expressions indicate whether you're happy, mad, or stressed. Unfortunately, facial expressions also contribute to the development of lines and wrinkles, like those worry lines on your forehead.

Forehead wrinkles are known as dynamic wrinkles. When you raise your eyebrows, the muscles on your forehead cause the skin to fold. As you get older, your skin loses some of its strength and elasticity because of a slowdown in collagen production. 

Loss of collagen combined with repetitive skin folding leads to permanent etched lines and wrinkles.

But we can smooth out those worry lines with TempSure Envi. The aesthetic tool uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production in the deep layers of your skin, restoring your skin’s natural strength and elasticity. 

2. Crow’s feet

The skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, and it’s one of the first areas of the face to show the visible signs of aging. Like your worry lines, those lines and wrinkles at the outer corner of your eyes — known as crow’s feet — are the result of repeated facial expressions.

Because of the location of these dynamic wrinkles, you need to be careful about the type of cosmetic treatments you use to restore a more youthful look. TempSure Envi is gentle and safe for use around the eyes and is an effective treatment for reducing the appearance of your crow’s feet.

3. Frown lines

Frowning causes frown lines, which are the lines and wrinkles that form between your eyebrows. Like crow’s feet, your frown lines are in a sensitive area that requires special care and attention. 

TempSure Envi makes the perfect choice for smoothing out those frown lines. 

4. Smile lines

Not all wrinkles are the result of repeated facial expressions. In addition to collagen, the subcutaneous layer of fat under your skin also decreases with age. Without the fat, your skin becomes loose and saggy.

Those lines that run from the outer corner of your nose to the outer corner of your mouth — known as smile lines ― are the results of skin sagging. These wrinkles are known as static wrinkles.

TempSure Envi tightens and lifts the skin, reducing the sagging that causes those smile lines. The radiofrequency energy also increases cell turnover, improving the thickness and firmness in your skin.

Our TempSure Envi aesthetic treatments take about 20 minutes and require no downtime. You may even see improvements in your look immediately following your first session. Though, we usually recommend up to four treatments to get the best results. 

With aesthetic tools like TempSure Envi, you can look as young as you feel. Let us help you get started. For expert aesthetic care, call our office at 956-264-1600. 

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