Understanding Radiofrequency Technology and How It Minimizes Wrinkles

Whether you’re in your mid-thirties and just starting to notice a few lines or wrinkles, or you’re in your mid-fifties and your current beauty treatments are no longer working to hide your age, you may be searching for an effective treatment to minimize the visible signs of aging. 

With advances in aesthetic treatments and technology, you have many options. Our aesthetic specialist Dr. Lena Speck Hopkins offers innovative treatments with radiofrequency (RF) energy to smooth out lines and wrinkles

You may not be aware of the many benefits of RF aesthetic treatments, which is why we wanted you to know how they work. 

The beautifying powers of radiofrequency energy

From your wifi to your microwave, radiofrequency is a form of energy that serves many purposes. Though you may not see how the energy needed to run your wifi can help your wrinkles, it all has to do with heat production.

The RF tool we use to minimize your wrinkles, TempSure® Envi, produces heat that targets the cells under your skin. The radiofrequency heat mobilizes the cells causing a skin-tightening effect, which leads to an immediate smoothing and lifting of your skin.

The heat produced by our TempSure Envi also stimulates your skin to increase production of collagen. Collagen is a structural protein found in the dermal layer of your skin that provides strength and resilience. As you get older, your body produces less collagen, which makes your skin more susceptible to lines and wrinkles. 

Restoring your youthful look with radiofrequency technology

Unlike other wrinkle reducing treatments, our radiofrequency aesthetic tool is painless and requires no downtime. The gentle, yet effective, heat energy produced by TempSure Envi targets the cells under your skin without affecting the surface layer.

Our wrinkle-minimizing treatment only takes about 20 minutes. You may feel a warming sensation and some pressure during your TempSure Envi treatments. Many of our patients find RF treatments very relaxing.

If you have a low pain threshold, however, we offer Nitronex™, which is an inhaled nitrous oxide that significantly reduces pain and anxiety during your beauty treatments. 

Though you’ll notice an improvement in your look immediately after your first session, we recommend four sessions set at 2-4 week intervals to get the best possible results. 

Long-term benefits of radiofrequency technology

Many of the visible signs of aging develop because of the structural changes that occur in your skin with each passing year. Treatments like radiofrequency technology help combat the changes by stimulating the regeneration of collagen and restoring your skin’s youthful strength and resilience. The heat energy produced by TempSure Envi also improves circulation to your skin to keep it nourished and hydrated to further prolong the benefits of your anti-wrinkle treatment.

And TempSure Envi doesn’t just minimize wrinkles. Through its skin-tightening action, radiofrequency technology also improves the appearance of your cellulite. 

Restoring a more youthful look no longer means invasive surgery and the need to hide away for weeks from friends and family while you recover. With radiofrequency technology, we gently and subtly refresh your look without downtime.

We’re dedicated to helping you look as young as you feel. To learn more about radiofrequency technology and how it can smooth away lines and wrinkles, contact us by calling our office in Harlingen, Texas, or using the online booking tool.

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