What Does Skin Tightening Feel Like?

What Does Skin Tightening Feel Like?

Lack of collagen and elastin — that’s why you have saggy, crepey skin. As you get older, your skin’s production of these two proteins slows down, causing your skin to lose its natural strength and elasticity.

Not too long ago, surgery was your only option for lifting and tightening saggy, crepey skin. But with advances in medical and aesthetic medicine, you have other less invasive options, like nonsurgical skin tightening

If you’re considering skin-tightening treatments to restore a more youthful look, you may wonder what it feels like. At Speck Hopkins, MD in Harlingen, Texas, we use the innovative TempSure® Envi for skin tightening and wrinkles. Our medical aesthetic expert, Dr. Lena Speck Hopkins, prefers this ski- tightening device because it’s so well-tolerated.

So, what does skin tightening feel like? Let us tell you.

Skin-tightening magic

TempSure Envi uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and lift your skin, smoothing out lines and wrinkles to rejuvenate your look. Radiofrequency energy is a low-level energy that has the ability to generate heat without causing damage.

During skin tightening, we use the TempSure Envi device to apply radiofrequency energy to the area undergoing treatment. The energy passes through the surface layer of your skin, targeting the dermal layer underneath.

The dermal layer is the thickest layer of skin and home to your skin’s collagen and elastin. The heat generated by the radiofrequency energy stimulates production of these two proteins and increases cell turnover. 

These actions improve your skin’s strength and elasticity, restoring its more youthful structure.

What to expect

What does skin tightening feel like? Some say it feels like a hot stone massage. 

You can expect a warming sensation as the radiofrequency energy heats your skin, which is why many people find skin tightening comfortable and even relaxing.

However, a small percentage of people may find the warming sensation from skin tightening to be uncomfortable. We understand that no single person has the same tolerance for pain. 

For our patients with concerns about discomfort, we use Nitronox™ during skin-tightening treatments. Nitronox is a gas that contains nitrous oxide and oxygen that you breathe in through a mask or mouthpiece during your treatment. It’s a lot like the laughing gas you can get at the dentist.

Side effects of skin tightening

Swelling, redness, and tingling are some of the common side effects of skin-tightening treatments. But these side effects are mild and temporary, resolving within a day.

Our skin-tightening treatments take very little time — about 20 minutes — and require no downtime. 

You may even see improvements in your look after your first session. However, we recommend a series of skin-tightening sessions to help you achieve your ultimate beauty goals. 

Skin tightening is quick and comfortable. Are you ready to say goodbye to your saggy, crepey skin? We’re ready to help. For expert aesthetic care, call our office at 956-264-1600. 

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